Welcome to the M3D Training Program!

An interactive training tool for gesture annotation

The M3D Training Program will guide you through each step of the gesture annotation process via a number of challenges. These challenges address different aspects of gesture within the dimensions of M3D and contain:

Prepare yourself for the challenges 

Learning about M3D

Getting started with ELAN


The following challenges will guide you through the steps of annotating with M3D. They will help you to learn how to annotate gestures and how to deal with various types of cases. 

Identifying Gesture Units: How are gestures grouped into larger Gesture Units? 

Identifying Gesture Phases : What are the phases the gesture consists of? 

Identifying Gesture Referentiality: What semantic meaning does the gesture convey?

Identifying Gesture Form: What are the kinematics of the gesture? 

Identifying Rhythmic Properties: How beat-like is the gesture? 

Identifying the Pragmatic Domain of gestures: What discourse-pragmatic meaning does the gesture convey?